New routine

Good morning!!!

I’ve been going with a new routine lately to see if I feel more productive during the day, and I have to say, I think I found the one for me.

I’m gonna be completely honest here- I really had a difficult time getting my hands dirty and diving into material at the beginning of this semester. I thought I would still be in science mode from summer classes, but I think I am a little fried. That two week break between summer/fall semester wasn’t long enough. PLUS, I’ve been sick all semester. Waiting on blood tests to confirm/rule out stuff. I’m always sick lately.

Anyways, I’ve found that studying before bed is not effective for me at ALL. I just have my mind wrapped up in wanting to talk to Ryan, my friends, Netflix, late night errands, etc. I’ve been struggling, you guys. I really have never had such a hard time getting into school mode! I love school, and I love to learn, and I love these advanced classes I’m getting to take as I advance higher in college, BUT, im just so tired. Working full time while going to school full time is finally catching up to me I think. Plus, this constant state of being sick doesn’t add to it. SO, I made a little compromise with myself. Compromise or bribery, who knows? Does it matter? #treatyoself

I bought a 2 in 1 elliptical/ bike total body machine. I’ve been wanting this exact one for a long time and I happened to see it on sale for just about 50% off so I bought it! Along with workout clothes, new tennis shoes, and other exercise stuff. When in Rome, right? 😂

I’ve been struggling with weight gain (nothing too substantial, but I’m just not happy with myself lately) so this new addition plus the diet I’ve been on will hopefully help me achieve some results before I head to Las Vegas and Reno in late October for my cousins wedding!

Guys, I told y’all I get sidetracked and ramble, and I am so sorry. 😂 Back to the routine!!!! Here is an average day in the (busy) life of me

  • 4:30- Wake up and shower, apply my new 30 minute Crest Whitestrips (I LOVE), study/ do homework/ review material from class the night prior, and also for the class I’ll have that day.
  • 6:45- Start getting ready for work! Do my hair, makeup, pick out a business-casual outfit, and also, pack a bag with a change of clothes for school after I get off. I normally pack something comfy!!
  • 7:20- head to Starbucks ONLY if i have plenty of time and need the extra energy. Otherwise, I’ll just go straight to work!
  • 8:00- arrive at the office, open, turn all the lights on and everything, etc. I’m always the first one to the office. There are about 14 people there on average a day, give or take, but i am one of the three employees scheduled to come in at 8! This is because I leave earlier than most of the others for because I’m in school and the others are not.
  • 2:00- Clock out!! Woohoo! I just now started getting off at 2:00. It used to be 4:30 but with school we cut my hours back a little bit. After clocking out, I change and head to school! There’s a pretty substantial break between the time I get off and my first class so I’ll grab coffee/lunch/ whatever on campus and find a comfy spot in the library.
  • After classes are over, I head home, eat dinner, unwind with a glass of wine (not every night, but just those super stressful ones) and FaceTime Ryan. After that, i turn on Netflix and exercise for about an hour to an hour and a half. I do Pilates sometimes and sometimes I’ll just do the elliptical/bike, and I have weights and stuff like that. I’ve rearranged my room and literally do all of this right next to my bed! Haha!
  • 11:00- Bedtime! It’s ALWAYS 11:00 when I’m crawling into bedI feel like. I could easily make this an earlier time but there’s no point because I have issues sleeping. It’s so hard for me to fall/stay asleep.

Then I wake up, and repeat!

This was my snap story bright and early this morning. Early bird gets the worm, right?? I have my first exam in my hardest class this semester! I also hopefully will hear back from the doctor today. This sick and tired girl is sick and tired of being sick! Ready for some answers, ugh.

I hope you guys have a great Monday and I hope to hear from y’all!! By the way— I mentioned snapchat! Follow me! @erinewright 😊

Make today a productive one!

Xoxo, Erin 💗



Good morning, blog friends!

I hope you are all having a fabulous week so far–I will share with y’all what on earth is happening in my world this week. Just wait for it LOL.

Anyways, after a conversation I had with a girl I met yesterday at the Starbucks on campus, my mind started racing (like always-thank you, chronic anxiety!!)

She is a first semester freshman and was asking me about my major, clubs I am a part of, my job, and just typical questions like that. She was so lovely! But, I did not start thinking until like an hour after our conversation (this happens to be in the middle of lab where we are talking about Hydrogen bonds for the MILLLIONTH time……. I swear, y’all, my child will be named Hydrogen Bond or something. I do not know why that topic comes up so much in my classes! So weird.) Anyways, I started thinking about that girl I met in line at Starbucks and how she’s just not starting this brand new journey and her canvas is BLANK. It’s a beautiful thought if you think about it enough. She is an English major so our interests weren’t similar, which is okay. I think I was still able to offer her some pretty solid advice/tips I wish someone had give ME my first semester freshman year.

And, that brings me to the point of this post. My college journey, personally, has been TOUGH. And not necessarily in an academic sense, but like in my personal life. I’m just gonna lay it all on ya! I don’t like to talk about all this too much, but when the topic arises and I feel like I can share this stuff without seeming like an attention-seeker with self pity then I will gladly share my story! Whew, here we go!

When I say my first semester started off terribly, I literally mean it STARTED TERRIBLY. I remember this day so vividly. I was wearing a University of Nevada tshirt (my home state!) with skinny jeans and sandals because I didn’t know what to wear. Should I go for the cute, dressy look? Or the “I am in college and can roll out of bed” look? It was a tragic decision at the time, LOL. That day, I also was starting a new “big girl” job as I like to call it. I still currently am employed there and have worked my way up a little through the years. Any who, during all of this, my dad was in the ICU on a ventilator. He fell off an incredibly high ladder at work a week prior and was in rough condition. The doctors were not optimistic. My mother is handicapped due to a whole other story, so I was definitely the head of household throughout this time. I have two little brothers, and an older sister. My sister still lives and is a teacher in Nevada. So, as you can probably imagine, being 18, about to start college, a brand new mature job, a critically ill dad, and a house to run was stressful.

Part of me wonders, still, if attending that first day of school and work was the right decision. I really did think long and hard about it at the time. I wanted to spend all the time in the world next to my dad’s bed, but I remember whispering to him (I talked, talked, talked to him the whole time though I didn’t know if he could hear me)  asking him if I should go to my first day of college/new job or just email the professors and my new boss. My dad, on a ventilator and unable to open his eyes, talk, communicate, squeezed my hand three times which lead me to dig deeper and ask, “does this mean you can hear me?” and he squeezed my hand again. So, I said, “daddy, do you want me to stay here with you or do you think I should go to my first day at school and work? Squeeze twice for me to stay here, and three times for me to go.” He squeezed three times. This was his first time communicating with any of us, so that moment is so special to me. My dad and I have always had a very close bond. So I spent that first week in school and training at my job now. All I could think of was my dad, though. I was constantly texting family members and asking for updates.

Four days later, my dad was sitting up, watching football and asking for beer! LOL! It was insane and the ICU staff all told me it was a miracle based on all of his labs and such from the days just before. He made such a sudden comeback!


haha, just kidding. 

But honestly, this next story is one of the books. This also happened my first semester of college Freshman year. My family’s been through the ringer. There is so many more stories I have, but I’m keeping this post restricted to just me and my college bumps in the road. (the very beginning of that road lol). HERE WE GOOO!

Oct. 10 (I remember the date exactly) I felt severe pain in my right side. I had experienced that pain before but never sought medical attention because it would normally go away. But on that particular day, I knew something was wrong. For about a month before, I had dreams multiple times of me ending up in hospital elevators or doctors offices when I was trying to go to school. Blurry faces would say “Erin, you need to go to the doctor! Follow us!”….gives me chills still thinking about it. I had a hunch and went to the ER that evening. There was a lot of “fluid” in my belly but an absurd amount. So, they admitted me and the next day started running every test in the book. They decided to go in and do an exploratory laparotomy  because my levels and symptoms were all just weird. Weird is seriously the only way we could word what was going on.

After being put under anesthesia, my surgeons made that first cut, got a look at the inside of my belly, stitched me up IMMEDIATELY and sent me by ambulance to Northside Hospital in Atlanta (about 30 mins from where I live). I was referred to a world-class oncologist there because they found hundreds of tiny tumors ALLLLLLL around my abdomen and they said it also looked like there was some sort of jelly alongside those tumors. Sorry if that’s TMI, but it just adds to the rareness and strangeness to this story!! I met my wonderful surgical team that I still thank God for everyday and communicate with, actually! But, they ran even more tests and diagnosed me with pseudomyxoma peritonei. Super, super, super rare, y’all. We scheduled surgery, I withdrew from classes for the semester (I was devastated because I was doing so well in all my classes), and I started on the treatment plan the team designed for me up until my surgery! Surprisingly, I wasn’t scared. I really, truly wasn’t. It may have been shock, but I like to think it was my relationship with God. I always pray for peace and I felt peace. Nobody else did, but I sure did, even though I was scheduled for a ten hour major surgery with chemo to follow just that following month.

This post is incredibly long so I won’t go into all details, but, my surgery ended up going SO WELL. I was the talk of the hospital because they took samples of the nasty concoction of Lord knows what, and sent it off to pathology who came back during surgery and said it was BENIGN. Yes, my cancer miraculously was benign. It was not before as they ran extensive testing before my surgery, but I didn’t have cancer!!!!!! I had an extremely rare disease that we didn’t find out about until a month after the surgery. The surgeons sent samples off to premier research hospitals all over the country. Like I said, my surgeons were world-class surgeons and had never seen ANYTHING like what those tumors/jelly was. Path came back a month later, right in time for my post-surgical complications where I once again was hospitalized for three weeks. I was so sick. I had an NG tube that entire time and lost nearly 20 pounds from that second visit alone. I ended up okay and was discharged, yet had follow ups at the hospital so often.


This photo was about two weeks after my huge surgery. They took the tubes out and there is a McDonald’s sweet tea right next to me!! My first request 😉 Those flowers were sent from my sister’s sorority at the University of Nevada! 


This was about a month after the second time being admitted for the post-op complications. My parents surprised me with Lucy!! I was very lonely and very depressed during that INCREDIBLY LONG medical leave of absence from school and work. She was so calm and cuddly which was perfect because I couldn’t having her jumping on that fresh incision!! 

That whole medical fiasco put me behind a year in college. I had to withdraw and focus on myself and my health. I am doing great now, I have a “Frankenstein scar”, I like to call it. It starts at the top of my rib cage and goes vertically all the way down my stomach. I am so proud to wear this scar.

On my last day at Northside, my surgeon was discharging me and everything and we were just chatting (we grew very close) and he hugged me and said, “Erin, my dear Erin, if there is something in this world that you dream of doing, you better do that because God kept you here for a reason. This case is the reason I continue to believe in God. He has plans for you, my dear.” He hugged me, hugged my parents, and off I went. That was such a HUGE moment for me.  I can just hear those exact sentences coming out of his mouth word-for-word.

I often think of that moment when I am struggling with school and second guessing why I am doing all this- full time school, full time job, etc. It’s exhausting. But, I know it will be worth it. I know this post was long but I wanted to share some of my life’s story with you guys. I love this blogging community and feel comfortable to talk about all of that with y’all.

I hope I didn’t bore you to death!! I hope this gave you some early morning Thursday motivation! Shit happens, but if you want something bad enough, you make it happen, guys. Feel free to email/comment/reach out to me!! I love chatting with you guys! Don’t be a stranger 🙂

xoxoxo, Erin



Hey, friends!

I hope you all had the best weekend ever!! I spent mine with friends on Friday and Saturday, and then had a romantic day with my chemistry textbooks on Sunday with coffee and dry shampoo (the only two things getting me by lately) LOL.

I woke up for work SUPER late. I went to downtown Athens this weekend and was so BEATTTTTT yesterday after my night out with friends. I had a blast! But, I woke up super late this morning for work, (I normally leave my house around 7 but woke up at 7:30). I sprayed my favorite Batiste dry shampoo in my hair, threw on the closest outfit I could put together and did my makeup in the parking lot of work.

Also, I woke up with what seems to be hives. My throat and ears hurt, I am super congested, and my whole body aches. I think this is the epitome of a Monday, don’t you?

I have a test tonight in one of my classes and I have to say… I really do not remember the last time I was THIS nervous for a test. Probably because I can feel myself advancing closer and closer to that biochemistry degree, but most likely because I don’t know how this professor tests his students. He really is probably one of the most relatable and coolest professors I have had in my undergrad career but man, he is SO unpredictable. He keeps us on our toes, that’s for sure.

I’ve spent my day doing some last minute preparations for this test, but I feel like I keep getting side tracked. I had to work today but I was able to get off at 2:00 so I went home, took a shower, paid my bills, and studied some more. My job is a desk job and I am allowed to study/do homework during downtime, which is super nice. But today I was so busy and didn’t have time to go over everything. I will never forget when one of my professors freshman year in college told us to treat studying like an actual job; one you were hired for. It truly does help when I tell myself, “Alright, Erin, we are going to use this white board and will be a GENIUS on this concept once my shift is over”… Yes, the shift is an imaginary but USEFUL “shift” that I promise myself I will do.. I set an alarm on my phone, and once the alarm sounds off, I tell myself a basic summary of the concept/unit/whatever. If I find the I cannot do a BASIC summary, then I know for certain I did not prepare/push myself hard enough.

Another think I have found that helps is calling someone and telling them all about it WITHOUT notes. I usually use Ryan or my mom/dad for this. Saying everything you know about the subject helps! It especially helps when you write the info you’re “teaching” down in bullet points as you go along. Studying, taking a break for awhile, and coming back to the material to quiz myself is a tool I have found to work SO WELL for me.

What are some study tips y’all use? Do you agree that cramming is not as successful as daily study?? Tell me what you think!!! Love hearing from y’all!!!! 


xoxoxoxoxoxox Erin

Life Lately

Happy Friday!!!!!!

It still feels like Thursday to me because I have yet to sleep (its 2:00 am, and I am on day three of no sleep). This week flew by SO fast….this entire month did actually. Did August even happen??


YES, AUGUST ACTUALLY DID HAPPEN BECAUSE I TURNED 21 Y’ALL!  My friends and boyfriend made the day WEEK so special for me. The day before my birthday (I’m normally not one to make a huge deal of birthday weeks, but like I said, my friends spoiled me!) my best friend Madison took me to our favorite Mexican restaurant where she gave me my first legal bottle of Malibu Rum… my fav! She also got me some Kat Von D liquid lipstick…Oh my goodness, friends, if y’all haven’t tried this stuff– GET YOUR BUTT TO SEPHORA!! Ugh, I really love the entire Kat Von D makeup collection, but the liquid lipstick is my favorite product in the world. I have 3 different shades (they’re like $20 each and I am in college so I’m not about to buy the whole collection, but there is a slew of colors!) Madison got me the deep plum/red shade called “Exorcism”. I’m a sucker for a plum lip but this shade far exceeded my expectations! Okay, this isn’t a beauty blog, but really I could talk about makeup all day haha. Last but DEFINITELY not least, Madison ordered us matching “You’re my Person” bracelets. We are both HUGE Grey’s Anatomy fans and she really is my person. I cried when I opened my gifts from her. Such an awesome girl she is! Okay, anyways, my birthday was on a Thursday (aug 4) and I worked all day but had a really nice dinner with my family that night! I always ask for the family birthday celebration to be held at my Nana’s house… She makes my favorite pound cake ever and I really just enjoy seeing everybody at once all together. On Friday night, Ryan told me to dress up and to bring a change of clothes (I had no idea why) and that he’d pick me up at my house at 6:30… well…6:30 turned more into 7:30… I worked that day too and was rushing home and had to shower, curl my hair, choose my outfit, all that annoying/fun stuff.An hour later, we were off to Lawrenceville which I figured meant we were going to my friend Kayla and her boyfriend Terrance’s apartment. Their apartment is right next to campus which is so convenient– I am looking to move into their complex in November! I keep getting sidetracked, sorry guys. Back to the story– we arrived at the apartment and Kayla, Terrance and I had a drink (thank you Ryan for being the designated driver!!!) and then off we went to dinner! (or so I thought). I really do not expect much from people at all and really would’ve been satisfied with dinner and drinks! But, nope! Ryan surprised me with a BEAUTIFULLLLL hotel in downtown Atlanta. The hotel staff knew my name and kept calling me “birthday girl” which was so cute! Kayla went to the room earlier that day to decorate and HOLY COW it was the cutest thing EVER. She and Terrance got me a Starbucks cup (I use cute tumblrs and such to motivate me to drink more water all day, so this was perfect!) and the CUTEST pair of heels. They’re perfect for work but I also wore them when we went out to downtown Athens the following weekend.


This is Kayla on the left!! Isn’t she so cute?! That’s me on the right… And I’m wearing the Kat Von D lipstick I was just rambling  RAVING about. (Thanks again, Madz!!!)


This is my person  Madison! Literally, you’d think we are the same person. We went to downtown Athens with my friend Amina, my boyfriend Ryan and our friend Austin! That night out was a combination celebration for both mine and Austin’s 21st’s


Happy 21st Austin!!!!


These are the “You’re my Person” bracelets I mentioned Madison got us! She is the Cristina to my Meredith Grey 😉

Did I talk enough about my birthday??? So annoying, I know. I can’t stand those who make huge deals of their birthdays haha. I guess I’ll bring y’all up to speed on school and such…I know you guys are SO interested 😉

So, I had a two week break between summer semester and this semester which was nice but not long enough. It was so nice going straight home after work!!!! But, school is back in action and man, I have a lot cut out of me this semester. I am only taking three classes this semester because the classes with the professors I really wanted happened to just work out that way. Im still at 12 credit hours which is considered full time still, but even though it is only 3 classes, I think this semester will be my toughest one yet. Im used to taking five at a time…

Ryan and I actually have calculus together which I thought was going to be the greatest thing ever because he is a math genius but it really was not a good idea LOL. Bless his heart– we both care so much about school and doing well which is awesome, but we both have our different learning styles and studying techniques so our study sessions end up turning into pizza and a movie. He has an insane memory and can grasp everything so quickly, whereas I use a whiteboard at home (and in study rooms at school) and quiz myself and write things over and over and over and over and OVER again until I literally can’t feel my fingers. Math doesn’t come easy to me. Most subjects don’t actually, so I wouldn’t say that I am one of those insanely intelligent pre meds. I just study and work really, really hard.


I figured I should add a pic of Ryan– its only right, right? I like to brag on my man! We celebrated our 5 year anniversary in July!!

Anyways, did I totally bore y’all? Like i said its the middle of the night here in Georgia and I can’t sleep to save my life. I don’t know whats up with me lately! Ugh. Anyways, I’ve missed y’all! I love reading all these pre-med/medical school blogs. It’s refreshing to know that I am not the only one suffering!! Lol! I LOVE hearing from you guys– feel free to comment or email me at . It’s always nice to make new friends and chat–  I’ve gotten some great advice from some of y’all! 🙂


xoxoxo Erin

Ok, this time I am really back!


I went AWOL on y’all. My summer chemistry course was so insane that I didnt have time to even think straight most of the time. I am so happy that class is over but holy cow i MISS my class! We were such a small group and we all got so close!


We had the BEST professor– he was so amazing. He just transferred here from Stanford!

My life lately isnt very interesting. Just always at work and school it seems like! Classes start back on Aug 15, and I honestly cannot wait. I just love the structured routine of being in school. I like getting more and more classes under my belt, and I actually am taking every Monday off of work from now on to have more study time. I have a heavy course-load.

I am on a HEALTH KICK, y’all! It feels sooooo good. It was inspired by one of my favorite other pre-med bloggers who lost 40 pounds in FOUR MONTHS. Crazytown! I dont think I could do that… That is some dedication.

Anyways, I coincidentally came across her blog on a day where I was really feeling bigger than I used to be and saw a picture my brother and I had taken and that’s what my wake up call was. I looked at the picture and told myself I was changing my habits that day because I wanted to go back to loving my body. SO, like I said, I found this girl’s blog and she was so inspiring so that next day I drafted a grocery list and went shopping and have been eating clean! I hurt my ankle two weeks ago so I have been a little hesitant to run outside since Georgia is so hilly, so tonight I am going to buy a treadmill and am setting it up in my room! It will be cramped in there, but the TV will distract me and I think it will just be more logical, for me at least, to have in my bedroom. I am SO excited!

I turned 21 yesterday! I have a pretty nasty virus and had a temp of 101 so I have felt so blah. But, Ryan and my best friend have a big night planned for tomorrow night and I CANT wait to see what’s up their sleeves. I just hope I am feeling better by then! Im sick of being sick.

This blog post was probably so boring but I am getting back into the swing of  things… I wont go AWOL again 😉 HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!


I’m back!

Hi guys!!! 

I fell off the face of the earth when midterms came around… I feel like I don’t even know how to blog anymore! 

I officially switch my major from chemistry to biochemistry as of yesterday- woohoo! Lol. School is so hard but just five more weeks! …… Until my summer classes start. I’m annoyed with myself for registering for summer classes. 

My life lately has been super boring. I literally work, study, eat, and sleep. But lately I’ve been forgetting to eat throughout the day so I’ve been feeling really tired and weak. To fix this, I bought some granola and Greek yogurt and keep it in the fridge at work and I also have been eating Skinny Pop! Still trying to figure out if skinny pop is a guilt-free treat, though…  

So I’m on a health kick!!!!! For Lent this year (I’m Catholic), I gave up soda so I’ve been drinking SO much water!! I feel so good from it! That might be why I forget to eat since the water makes me full! I also have started running around my super HILLLLLLY neighborhood! Last night I ran a mile and a half and I’m so sore today- the incline kills me but I know it’s a good kind of sore so I’m happy 😊 

  I got my hair cut and colored super dark the morning of my midterms to give me a little bit of a pick-me-up haha! I work in the corporate office for a chain of hair salons in the Atlanta area so the only reason I’m able to afford it is because of my employee discount 😂 #brokecollegestudent 

I ALSO BOUGHT A MACBOOK PRO!!! I’ve been saving up for one and I finally did it! Ahh!!! It will be here on Wednesday. So excited.

My work at Grady Hospital has been so wonderful. The staff on the CCU there is so awesome. It makes my heart so happy. 

Anyways, I hope you guys are all doing great! Promise I won’t go a month and a half without posting again. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo 

Prepping for med school-One Step at a Time!

Hey, y’all!

I am reallllllly loving this whole blogging community! I feel like everyday I just have a random thought and think, “oh, I need to write about that later.” haha! It’s nice to be able to write again– none of my classes anymore require papers so I never get to write about’s always about research and other nerdy boring stuff for school. Today Ryan mentioned that he had writer’s block on an essay so I asked him to send me what he had written so far. Me, being the weirdo I am, went ahead and pretty much created the entire rough draft for him. I really cannot help it lol.

Anyways, I already wrote about my awesome volunteer/shadowing job I landed at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. WELL, it starts this weekend and I am super excited. I love the hospital atmosphere. I love the medical supplies and the brilliant minds everywhere. I just feel in my element at the hospital! I can’t really describe it. It just seems right.

So, this new position at the hospital will not be my first volunteer opportunity I will be able to log on my resume. I volunteered all summer with a home healthcare practice and would pretty much help the elderly clean up around their house and do things like reading books and magazines to them. I learned a lot and I LOVED the patients! I cannot wait to see what the CCU has in store for me. It will be an adjustment, but I appreciate any type of lesson I can get my hands on. I’m wondering if I am a little bit too eager?

Anyways, I also am a part of multiple clubs at my school. Its awesome but it also SUCKS! I support myself 100% financially so I work full time during my undergrad. I dont have time to go to all of the meetings and it just sucks.. I applied to be a Student Ambassador on Friday- prayers please that I am offered a position!

I had lab tonight and it wasn’t nearly as bad as last time. It was actually fun!! I love science so I loved learning as much as I did tonight. I feel like my brain is pleased. I offered myself an incentive earlier that if I wake up SUPER early and study, I can relax with some wine and the Bachelor tonight. My lab ran over time a bit so I missed the Bachelor, BUT I did not miss out on my wine! haha! I hope your Monday was awesome!! Feel free to comment/ask any questions. I love to chat!